Vocational/Life Skills Program


The L’Arche Sudbury Vocational/Life Skills Program provides the opportunity for people with a developmental disability to secure meaningful employment in the competitive work force. 

The Program Leader chooses jobs that are based on the individual’s interest, abilities, and skills. Job Coaches accompany these individuals and assist them in acquiring the necessary skills that will help them achieve independence in their work environment.

An important component to the success of a job placement is the social acceptance of the employee by the employer and co-workers. A positive relationship is encouraged between all those involved. The fulfillment that is derived from interacting with others in the work place and the satisfaction and pride in a job well done is important in both the paid or volunteer positions.

Individuals are referred through the Developmental Services of Ontario-DSO and live in a variety of settings: independently, with parents, with L’Arche Sudbury and with other residential services. These individuals receive guidance in developing the necessary skills that will allow them to achieve independence, i.e., using public transportation, and participation in recreation/leisure activities. I removed budgeting and money transactions.

All individuals are involved in a formal Life Plan Process, which establishes long and short-term goals within approximate time frames. The goals are assessed on an ongoing basis and reviewed twice a year. 

Vocational Services
Karen Andrews-Vocational Program Leader
1173 Rideau Street
Sudbury, ON P3A 3A5
(705) 525-1015 extension 6

“Meaningful work enhances an individual’s dignity, personal growth and self-fulfillment.”

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