Nazareth House

1173 Rideau Street
Sudbury, ON P3A 3A5
(705) 525-1015

On October 31, 1996 we moved into the newly renovated Nazareth House. The downstairs of the home was the new home for the L'Arche Sudbury Office, while Peggy Keaney and S. Bernadette Sammon moved into the 3 bedroom apartment upstairs. Sister Mary Sammon also lived upstairs during her time as an Assistant, and then House Leader, at Bethany House.

Prior to moving to Rideau Street, the L'Arche Sudbury Office rented a space in a commercial building downtown. For 6 years we were located in the centre of Sudbury, which was several miles from the other L'Arche homes. What a difference it was to pull into our very own yard, and park in the back of our very own home, just two blocks from Emmaus, Bethany and Galilee House.

Nazareth House has five offices and one kitchen. The office manager, Virginia Jolivet, is the first person you see when you enter. The space also houses the offices of the Community Leader, Assistants Coordinator, Homes Coordinator, and Vocational/Life Skills Coordinator. The side entrance is equipped with a ramp to the office space. This affords all those who wish to drop in and say “hi”, pick up or deliver mail for the houses, join the staff for lunch, or stop for a quick coffee break. Nazareth has proven to be a great place to come by before heading out to various scheduled appointments, or even out of town for workshops or retreats. While at the office, last minute instructions are easily obtained and reports collected. Someone is always available to wish those heading out a “Bon Voyage”.

The kitchen, like in most homes, is a hub of activity. It is not only a place where lunch is enjoyed. Every morning at 8:00 a.m. the staff gathers in the kitchen for morning prayer. This short time of communal prayer sets the tone for the day and allows us to be aware of our many blessings, as well as each others needs. A calendar on the kitchen door reminds us of the meetings planned here for the day. Many interviews with perspective live in assistants have been conducted in this kitchen. Various Committee Meetings of Board Members and Community Members are regularly scheduled around the kitchen table. Weekly meetings are held with the House Leaders and the Homes Coordinator. It is here that the Vocational Program conducts all of the Annual Life Plan Meetings for Vocational Members and their families. For several years we held the Annual Alzheimer Coffee Break in the kitchen. Set up as a Coffee House, over 30 people gathered to purchase a beverage in support of the Alzheimer Society. Pat Montpetit, on guitar, accompanied our folk singing while we sipped.

The upstairs of Nazareth, although home to a few, has become for all of us, a welcoming place to run up to, either for a few quiet moments during a busy afternoon, or, on a warm sunny day to enjoy lunch on the back deck. The upstairs living room has also served as a meeting place when necessary. I hope you will visit us one day and enjoy a little corner of L'Arche Sudbury. The spirit of welcome and hospitality is alive and well at Nazareth House.

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