Emmaus House

Emmaus house was established in 1982.  Roma was the first core member of L’ARCHE Sudbury.  Bringing along her rocking chair and a frying pan, she moved into the house with Peggy, our first community leader and house leader, and Sister Rita, assistant/housekeeper/cook extraordinaire.

In the past thirty years, many people have lived at Emmaus and have moved away or to other homes in our expanding community.  Currently, Roma lives with Tim, Paulette, Alain, and our newest core member Lynn.  Over the years the house has had many renovations.  Most recently, the basement has been updated with hardwood, the bathroom is now fully accessible and our kitchen looks fantastic.  Since Cana’s opening, Emmaus isn’t known so much for its parties, but we still enjoy having people over for impromptu BBQs and the like.

We are all pretty busy at Emmaus house with the comings and goings.  During the week, core members are busy with work or day programs.  When the 9-5 grind is over, everyone enjoys helping around the house, running errands, going on outings like bowling and the movies or spending time with family and friends.  Roma still loves to rock it up, though her chair has changed over the years.  She’s always ready to go out for coffee and timbits, especially during the Roll Up the Rim to Win season.  Tim loves cars, swimming with his friend Ray, shopping and writing.  Paulette enjoys singing familiar tunes, however, she makes up her own lyrics.  She also enjoys crafts, books, writing and is up for just about anything.  Alain likes listening to music on his stereo system, he loves to sing and dance, especially to the oldies, and just say the word and he’ll join you for a poutine.  Lynn is a big Michael Jackson fan and loves to look at books about animals, especially bunny rabbits.  When you come to Emmaus house and you’re always welcome, you can count on hearing some music and laughter.  We have many music lovers and jokesters in the house.


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