Board of Directors

The L’Arche Sudbury Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of people bringing specific knowledge, skills and commitment to the goals of the organization. It is accountable to the people it serves; core members, clients, staff, ministry and other funders and the community.

There are four general functions of a board of directors; planning, policy, monitoring and performance. Our board meets once a month and each year holds an Annual General meeting during which yearly committee reports are presented and the election of officers for the coming year is held..

If you are interested in becoming part of our board or assisting L’Arche Sudbury in some other way please call our office at 525-1015.


Jennifer Cawley-Caruso -  President / Board Member
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Patricia Montpetit -  Secretary / Board Member
See Patricia's profile

Brian Sawdon -  Treasurer and Chair of Finance Committee / Board Member
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Heather Westaway -  Board Member (Policy & Procedures)
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Sharon Oliver -  Board Member
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Theresa Ann O'Hara-Smith -  Board Member
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Carolyn Cattapan -  ex officio (Guardian Angel Foundation of Sudbury)

Jennifer McCauley -  Community Leader


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