Bethany House

Bethany is a house of music, fun and laughter; a place of almost constant motion as we live the balance of blending the gifts, talents and desires of 9 very unique personalities.

Please allow me to introduce the people who make up our family:

Raymond is a man filled with quiet strength.  He is a joyful, gentle soul;  the holder of all our secrets and the person most able to bring peace and calm to any situation.

Robert is a quiet joker with a very dry sense of humor.  His one-liners can keep us laughing for days as we recount the story again and again.  He is a deeply compassionate man and has a great love for babies and animals.

Eddy is a man’s man, often showing his tough exterior but not quite succeeding in completely hiding his heart of gold.  He is an extremely hard worker and takes great pride in a job well done.

Trudy is a woman of discerning tastes who loves to be adorned in bling.  All it takes is a few moments with her though to realise that she is just as beautiful on the inside.  Everything about her is heartfelt and genuine and she draws people into her life and changes them forever.

JiHye has a bright and generous spirit.  She feels and loves deeply and fully and is one of the most artistically talented and creative people I know.

Abigail has a steadiness about her that inspires confidence.  She has an infectious laugh that can brighten a room and often the whole house.

Helen is a woman of insight and wisdom.  She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and can be counted on in any situation.

Abhilash is a man of grace and empathy.  He looks for the positive in any situation and in all the busyness of everyday life is amazingly able to keep a level head no matter what comes our way.

As for me, Tricia, I do everything I can to keep us organized and on track.  My favorite time and place is the dinner table and I love to hear and tell the stories of the day and our lives together.

As with all families, we have an extended family made up of long term assistants and relief assistants who help us and share life with us in a variety of ways.  Through the night, as part of day programs and on a daily basis, these people share their gifts and their love with us and we wouldn’t be complete without them.


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