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Paulette at the Canada Day party strumming her guitar.

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 Newssheet for the week of June 6, 2016
  This is the semi annual Newsletter. Have you purchased your tickets for our 17th Annual Pasta Dinner and Fundraiser? Check out the info in the newsletter. The June 6 newssheet can be found in the news bullet on the left

Crossing the road for one another

We become neighbours when we are willing to cross the road for one another. There is so much separation and segregation: between black people and white people, between gay people and straight people, between young people and old people, between sick people and healthy people, between prisoners and free people, between Jews and Gentiles, Muslims and Christians, Protestants and Catholics, Greek Catholics and Latin Catholics. There is a lot of road crossing to do. We are all very busy in our own circles. We have our own people to go to and our own affairs to take care of. But if we could cross the street once in a while and pay attention to what is happening on the other side, we might become neighbours.

- Henri J. M. Nouwen

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