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Paulette at the Canada Day party strumming her guitar.

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 Newssheet for the week of August 11, 2016
  You will find two newssheets in this edition. The July 18th is followed by the August 8th newssheet. It\'s been a busy summer. Enjoy!

Monday August 22, 2016
• History writing day at Villa!

Tuesday August 23, 2016
• Candle and card making.

Thursday August 25, 2016
• Board Meeting.
• Happy Birthday Cedrick!

Sunday August 28, 2016
• L'Arche North Bay BBQ.

Celebration as Nourishment

Because we've been called together, we are a people of celebration, but in our celebrations there is always a note of sadness because not all the people in our world are celebrating. Not everyone is rejoicing. Many today are being crucified in prisons and hospitals, or just downtown in the slum areas. Many people are lonely and in pain. Along with the celebration that rises from a community of thanksgiving, there is a note of pain but also a note of hope. We have been drawn together by God to be a sign of the resurrection and a sign of unity in this world where there is so much division and inner and outer death.

- Jean Vanier, From Brokeness to Community, p 52

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